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HVAC metal ductwork requires insulation to reduce heat loss (or gain) and improve acoustic comfort. Our ductwrap range features flexible glass wool rolls and resilient slabs designed to be installed on the outside of ducts to fulfill the requirements of BS 5970.  The aluminium faced insulation provides an inherent vapour barrier  as well as a professional and consistent finish


  • Thermal performance – Helps to meet thermal building regulations and offers significant energy savings by protecting the installation from external thermal variation.
  • Acoustic performance – Noise levels from ducts can be greatly reduced due to the inherent acoustic properties of ductwrap, improving the comfort of those within the building.
  • Fire Classification – Euroclass A2 reaction to fire classification (according to EN 13501-1).
  • Ease of install – The range is lightweight and offers excellent flexibility and mechanical strength, allowing fast and efficient cutting and fitting.
  • Recycled glass – Made from up to 80% recycled glass
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