Illbruck Duct Sealant Cartridge Tube 310cc

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LD410 Ductwork Sealant

LD410 Duct Sealant is a one-component duct sealant designed for application with a gun. It is formulated using an emulsion acrylic polymer system, providing a secure seal that is both firm and flexible, ideal for use in joints with minimal movement.

Usage & Purpose

LD410 has been specifically engineered for permanently sealing assembly joints with low movement in low, medium, and high-pressure ductwork installations to prevent air pressure loss. When applied correctly, the product meets the air leakage requirement standards of Class C to HVCA standard DW 144

Avoid using LD410 in situations involving continuous exposure to moisture or external environments where moisture is expected before the sealant cures. It should not come into contact with bituminous materials. Refrain from exposing it to water until it has fully cured, and do not attempt to abrade it when cured. Additionally, wait until a surface skin has formed before applying paint over it. It’s essential to read and understand the safety data sheet before using LD410.

Product Benefits

  • Effectively prevents air leakage in ductwork systems operating at low, medium, and high pressures
  • Suitable for meeting the specifications outlined in Class C to HVCA standard DW 144
  • LD410 is water-based, making it particularly well-suited for safe application in confined spaces.

Product Techical Datasheet

Product Safety Datasheet