Swirl Diffuser (Fixed Blade) 595x595mm

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Square swirl diffuser offers an innovative extension to the popular and effective swirl diffuser concept. Complementing DuctFix’s existing range, this series provides a broader array of architectural and design swirl options that blend appealing aesthetics with cost-effective design. The diffuser comes with the option of a square or circular faceplate, and two different radial blade pattern configurations. Each configuration delivers a high-performance swirl air distribution effect, efficiently introducing large volumes of air into the conditioned space, leveraging its rapid entrainment and mixing capabilities. – ALL COLOURS AVAILABLE VIA  POWDER COATING

DuctFix fixed blade swirl diffusers are constructed from mild steel and come with a compatible range of top and side entry plenum boxes. Volume control can be managed using Quadrant flap-type or Iris dampers on the plenum inlet spigots.

There are four swirl diamters sizes: 254, 356, 457, and 535mm in diameter. Each size is available in both square and circular faceplate configurations. The square designs also offer additional border styles to match popular ceiling grid designs. Standard fixing involves a central screw into a secondary bracket within the plenum box. The standard finish for the diffusers is Polyester Powder White, with other colors available upon request.

Plenum boxes sold separately

Swirl Ø

254mm, 356mm, 457mm, 535mm


9010, 9016